Medical Cotton Spandex Elastic Crepe Bandage

Medical Cotton Spandex Elastic Crepe Bandage

  • Length(stretched): 4m, 4.5m, 5m
  • Width: 5cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 15cm
  • Color: Natural or skin color
  • Material: 100% cotton or cotton with spandex
  • Weight g/m虏: 75g, 80g etc.
  • Clips: with or without clips, one or two metal or elastic band clips
  • Basic Packing: individually packed in cellophane
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Crepe Bandage is made of cotton with聽spandex or 100% cotton material. It is used for a firm support of sprains or strains in knee, ankle, elbow and foot. Splint fixation and fixed joint protection. It provides light compression, apply to avoid cutting circulation.



  • Light weight
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Help correct fractures and other bone problems in orthopedics
  • Allow for easy movement of limbs
  • Never directly apply to wounds
Item No.DescriptionPackagingCBM/ctnKGS/ctn
G072501crepe bandage,100%cotton,75g,5x4.5m,720rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072502crepe bandage,100%cotton, 75g,7.5x4.5m,480rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072503crepe bandage,100%cotton,75g,10x4.5m,360rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072504crepe bandage,100%cotton, 75g,15x4.5m,240rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072509crepe bandage,natural color, 80% cotton+20% spandex,75g,5x4.5m,720rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072510crepe bandage,natural color,80% cotton+20% spandex,7.5x4.5m,480rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072511crepe bandage,natural color,80% cotton+20% spandex,10x4.5m,360rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072512crepe bandage,natural color,80% cotton+20% spandex,15x4.5m,240rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072517crepe bandage,skin color,80% cotton+20% spandex,75g,5x4.5m,720rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072518crepe bandage,skin color,80% cotton+20% spandex,7.5x4.5m,480rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072519crepe bandage,skin color,80% cotton+20% spandex,10x4.5m,360rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072520crepe bandage,skin color,80% cotton+20% spandex,15x4.5m,240rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg

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