Round Adhesive Wound Plaster

  • Format: Round shape
  • Diameter: 22mm, 25mm or customized
  • Material: Cotton Fabric, PE, Nonwoven
  • Color: Skin, White, Transparent
  • Individual wrapped by paper pouch
  • Sterile EO
  • Shelf Time: 3 Years
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Round Wound Plaster could be made of Nonwoven, PE or fabric material. It is used for minor cuts, scrapes abrasions and puncture wounds. It’s gentle and comfortable, can be used in hospitals or for personal care. Different sizes and material could meet various applications.



  • Round shape
  • Protect wounds and fasten healing
  • Soft pad in center and easy to remove
  • Different sizes for different wounds



  • Individual packed by paper pouch
  • Box of 100 pcs, Ctn of 100 boxes
G070106Round Plaster, dia 22mm, PE0.0474.9
G070107Round Plaster, dia 22mm, Fabric0.0476
G070108Round Plaster, dia 22mm, transparent0.0474.9
G070109Round Plaster, dia 22mm, nonwoven0.0474.9
G070110Round Plaster, dia 25mm, PE0.0475.2
G070111Round Plaster, dia 25mm, Fabric0.0476.2
G070112Round Plaster, dia 25mm, transparent0.0475.2

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