Soft Removal Silicone Tape

  • PU film coated with Silicone Gel
  • Width: 1.25cm, 1.9cm, 2.5cm, 5cm
  • Length: 1.5m, 5m聽or customized
  • Pack in plastic roll
  • Shelf time: 3 years
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Silicone Tape is a kind of tape made of PU film coated with silicone gel. It is applicable to variety of in-dwelling catheters, electrodes, or other external fixation that requires gentle but robust skin protection and adhesion. Protect the skin which have the risk of ulcer of catheters, or the skin need to be radiation therapy.



  • Patent cut line design, easy to use, torn neatly.
  • Can be cut in any length by hand.
  • Gentle on the skin, painless to remove and not damage the skin.
  • Good stickness, waterproof, no edge warped.
  • Reusable, does not to stick to hair, no residue.



Rolled in plastic spool

Item No.DescriptionPackaging
G074101silicone tape, 1.25cm x 1.5m12pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
G074102silicone tape, 1.9cm x 1.5m12pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
G074103silicone tape, 2.5cm x 1.5m12pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
G074104silicone tape, 5cm x 1.5m6pcs/box, 120pcs/ctn
G074105silicone tape, 1.25cm x 5m12pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
G074106silicone tape, 1.9cm x 5m12pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
G074107silicone tape, 2.5cm x 5m12pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
G074108silicone tape, 5cm x 5m6pcs/box, 120pcs/ctn

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