Ten advantages to use vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

  • Vacuum blood collection tubes using plastic or glass material, light pressure, non-friable, easy to transport, and to ensure the safety of medical personnel.
  • The entire vacuum blood collection tubes process is a closed system, health, safety, to ensure that medical personnel are not transmitted source.
  • All vacuum blood collection tubes are equipped with safety protection cap, to avoid the dirty spray produced.
  • Anticoagulant control additive for spray / dry powder / liquid-like, the most effective anticoagulant.
  • Inside the vacuum vessel to adopt accurate and reliable. All additives are automatically added, plus kind of precision, to avoid the disadvantage of poor reproducibility manually added in order to ensure accurate results and good repeatability.
  • Safety cap color in line with international standards, easy to distinguish the different tube additives.
  • Test tube specifications in line with international standards, are fully applicable to a variety of automated analyzers.
  • Full range of vacuum blood collection tubes,  can meet all laboratory requirements, a needle that is able to complete all the testing of samples, to alleviate the suffering of patients.
  • Vacuum blood collection tubes long shelf life, as long as 24 months.
  • Vacuum blood collection tubes product of burning carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, does not produce toxic gases, the burning of residues of 0.2%, for green products
blood collection tubes needles and holder

Henso full blood collection system

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