15ml Centrifuge Tube Top Quality

  • Material: PP
  • Size: 15ml
  • Conical bottom, screw cap
  • Black printed graduations
  • Large white writing area
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Centrifuge Tube 15ml conical bottom, manufactured from imported medical grade polypropylene, resistant to autoclave at 121鈩/15psi for 15 minutes and high speed centrifugation, widely used in molecular biology , clinical chemistry, biochemistry research.


  • Autoclavable at 121鈩/15psi for 15 minutes and freezable to -80鈩
  • Maximum RCF at 16000xg
  • Leakage proof, resistant to work in 65鈩 hybridization oven for one hour
  • Clear black graduations on tubes can withstand chloroform
  • Large white writing area for easy marking
  • Available in non-sterile, Sterile E.O. or E-Bean radiation

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