Elastic Tubular Bandage

  • Material: 100% cotton or cotton + rubber
  • Width: 5cm-30cm, customized
  • Length (Strenched): 5-25m, customized
  • Color:聽White or Skin
  • Shelf Time:聽5 years
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Tubular Bandage is a kind of wound fixation bandage that made of cotton, or cotton with rubber. It provides ideal support and treatment of soft tissue injury, joint effusion, oedema and arthritic joints. It also can be used comfortable as a pre-wrap under a cast.



  • High elasticity
  • Easy to use and quick to fit. Stay securely in place without pins or tapes
  • Full range of sizes to suit any application
  • No pins or tapes required
  • Washable (without loss of effectiveness)



Individually packed in聽polybag

Item No.DescriptionPackagingCBM/ctnKGS/ctn
G073001tubular bandage,100%cotton, 26s, 5x22.86m10pcs/ctn0.0476.5
G073002tubular bandage,100%cotton, 26s, 7.5x22.86m10pcs/ctn0.0517.5
G073003tubular bandage,100%cotton, 26s, 10x22.86m6pcs/ctn0.0456.5
G073004tubular bandage,100%cotton, 26s, 15x22.86m5pcs/ctn0.0517.5
G073005tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s, 6.25x10m36pcs/ctn0.07314
G073006tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s, 6.5x10m36pcs/ctn0.07314.5
G073007tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s, 6.75x10m36pcs/ctn0.07315
G073008tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s, 7.5x10m36pcs/ctn0.07316
G073009tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s, 8.75x10m24pcs/ctn0.06513
G073010tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s, 10x10m30pcs/ctn0.0918
G073011tubular bandage, 80%cotton+20%rubber, 21s,12x10m24pcs/ctn0.0917.5
G073012tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s, 6.25x10m42pcs/ctn0.05410.6
G073013tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s, 6.5x10m42pcs/ctn0.05411
G073014tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s, 6.75x10m36pcs/ctn0.05410
G073015tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s, 7.5x10m36pcs/ctn0.05411
G073016tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s, 8.75x10m36pcs/ctn0.06212.5
G073017tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s,10x10m30pcs/ctn0.06212
G073018tubular bandage, 100%cotton,26s,12x10m24pcs/ctn0.06211.5

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