Enema Rectal Tube

  • Medical grade PVC
  • Size (FR): 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36
  • Standard Length: 40cm
  • Sterile EO
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Enema Rectal Tube has no balloon, is a short piece of plastic tubing similar to the tubing used to administer a large volume enema.
It is generally used to relieve flatulence unresponsive to activity or medications



  • Made from non-toxic medical grade PVC.
  • For introduction of enema solution into rectum to release
  • Transparent, Frosted Surface is available.
  • Atraumatic round tip, funnel connector
  • Two or four lateral eyes with smooth edges
  • X-Ray Line Available
  • Color coded plain connector for size identification



  • Individual聽PE or Paper-plastic pack
  • Box of 10pcs
C030601Rectal Tube, 22FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn0.0566
C030602Rectal Tube, 24FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn0.0566
C030603Rectal Tube, 26FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn0.0566
C030604Rectal Tube, 28FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030605Rectal Tube, 30FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030606Rectal Tube, 32FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030607Rectal Tube, 34FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030608Rectal Tube, 36FR, 40cm, PE Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030609Rectal Tube, 22FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn0.0566
C030610Rectal Tube, 24FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn0.0566
C030611Rectal Tube, 26FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn0.0566
C030612Rectal Tube, 28FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030613Rectal Tube, 30FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030614Rectal Tube, 32FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030615Rectal Tube, 34FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566
C030616Rectal Tube, 36FR, 40cm, Blister Pack10pcs/box, 300pcs/ctn0.0566

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