Enteral Feeding Bag Set

  • Medical grade PVC
  • Type: Pump Set or Gravity Set
  • Bag Capacity: 500ml, 1000ml, 1200ml
  • Sterile EO
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Enteral Feeding Bag Set offers an anti-free flow safety feature that is incorporated into the Kangaroo enteral feeding bag,聽 and spike pump sets protects the patient from the possible free flow of formula that may result from the pump set becoming dislodged or being loaded incorrectly. The unique internal aff design works automatically when a pump set is loaded improperly or becomes dislodged during enteral feeding and makes it extremely difficult for the patient to tamper with the anti-free flow device.



  • Medical grade PVC material, non-toxic
  • Gravity bag or pump bag are available
  • Rigid neck for easy filling and handing
  • With plug cap and strong, dependable hanging ring
  • Easy-to read graduations and easy-view translucent bag
  • Bottom exit port allows complete drainage



  • Individual聽PE or Paper-plastic pack
  • Ctn of 30pcs
C030801Enteral Feeding Bag, Gravity Type, 500ML, PE pack0.034
C030802Enteral Feeding Bag, Gravity Type, 1200ML, PE pack0.034
C030803Enteral Feeding Bag, Pump Type, 500ML, PE pack0.034
C030804Enteral Feeding Bag, Pump Type, 200ML, PE pack0.034
C030805Enteral Feeding Bag, Gravity Type, 500ML, Paper-Plastic pack0.034
C030806Enteral Feeding Bag, Gravity Type, 200ML, Paper-Plastic pack0.034
C030807Enteral Feeding Bag, Pump Type, 500ML, Paper-Plastic pack0.034
C030808Enteral Feeding Bag, Pump Type, 200ML, Paper-Plastic pack0.034

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