Lithium Heparin Tube for Blood Collection

Lithium Heparin Tube for Blood Collection

  • Tube Material: PET聽or Glass
  • Additive: Lithium Heparin
  • Color code: Green Top
  • Tube size: 13x75mm, 13x100mm, 16x100mm
  • Draw Volume: 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 6ml, 7ml
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Spray-coated with lithium heparin in the Interior of the tube wall, made of PET or Glass material, Heparin tube are widely used in blood collection for plasma separation and anticoagulation for clinical biochemical examinations, emergency biochemical tests and also some times for hemorrheology.



  • Accurate vacuum draw
  • Efficient anticoagulation
  • High transparency tube


100pcs/tray, 1,200pcs/carton

REF.DescriptionCBM/ctnKGS/ctnShelf Time
E050507Lithium Heparin tube 2ml, Glass 13x75mm0.03611.524 months
E050508Lithium Heparin tube 3ml, Glass 13x75mm0.03611.524 months
E050509Lithium Heparin tube 4ml, Glass 13x75mm0.03611.524 months
E050510Lithium Heparin tube 5ml, Glass 13x75mm0.03611.524 months
E050511Lithium Heparin tube 6ml, Glass 13x100mm0.0451424 months
E050512Lithium Heparin tube 7ml, Glass 13x100mm0.0451424 months
E050519Lithium Heparin tube 2ml, PET 13x75mm0.036918 months
E050520Lithium Heparin tube 3ml, PET 13x75mm0.036918 months
E050521Lithium Heparin tube 4ml, PET 13x75mm0.036918 months
E050522Lithium Heparin tube 5ml, PET 13x75mm0.036918 months
E050523Lithium Heparin tube 6ml, PET 13x100mm0.04510.518 months
E050524Lithium Heparin tube 7ml, PET 13x100mm0.04510.518 months

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