Micro Capillary Blood Collection Tubes type#1

  • Screw cap
  • medical grade PP material
  • tube size 8x45mm
  • volume: 0.5ml, 1ml
  • additive: EDTA K2/K3, Clot Activator, Gel, Lithium Heparin, etc.
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Micro Capillary Blood Collection Tube聽mainly use for peripheral blood collection, it is specially suitable for small children and geriatriatric patient, the inner surface has an excellent hemorepellency where it is necessary for a good preparation of high quality blood sample.



  • color coded top for easy identify additive type
  • smooth interior surface for quick聽blood flow
  • screw cap provide simple operation
  • efficient additive secure accurate test results


100pcs/tray, 3,000pcs/ctn

E051001Micro Plain Tube 0.5ml, No Additive, screw cap0.0511.5
E051002Micro Serum Tube 0.5ml, Clot Activator, screw cap0.0511.5
E051003Micro EDTA Tube 0.5ml, EDTA K2, screw cap0.0511.5
E051004Micro EDTA Tube 0.5ml, EDTA K3, screw cap0.0511.5
E051005Micro SST Tube 0.5ml, Gel & Clot Activator, screw cap0.0512
E051006Micro Heparin Tube 0.5ml, Lithium Heparin, screw cap0.0511.5
E051007Micro Glucose Tube 0.5ml, NaF+ EDTA K2, screw cap0.0511.5

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