Self Adhesive Cohesive Bandage Wrap

Self Adhesive Cohesive Bandage Wrap

  • Material: Nonwoven or Cotton
  • Width: 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm
  • Length (Strenched): 4m,4.5m, 5m
  • Color: various for option
  • Shelf Time:聽5 years
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Cohesive bandage is a kind of wound fixation that made of elastic fiber, nonwoven or cotton fiber. It is used for a firm support of sprains or strains in knee, ankle, elbow and foot. Splint fixation and fixed joint protection.



  • Self-adherent, cohesive wrap sticks to itself but not to skin, hair or dressings
  • Secondary dressing that functions like a tape to retain dressings without tension around digits or limbs
  • Can be applied to provide light compression if desired
  • Pain free removal that will not damage fragile skin



Individually packed in cellophane

Item No.DescriptionPackagingCBM/ctnKGS/ctn
G072401nonwoven cohesive bandage, 2.5x4.5m12rolls/box, 288 rolls/carton0.0695.5
G072402nonwoven cohesive bandage, 5x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.0535.5
G072403nonwoven cohesive bandage, 7.5x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.0638
G072404nonwoven cohesive bandage, 10x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.08511
G072405nonwoven cohesive bandage, 15x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.11616.5
G072406cotton cohesive bandage, 2.5x4.5m12rolls/box, 288 rolls/carton0.0697.5
G072407cotton cohesive bandage, 5x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.0537.5
G072408cotton cohesive bandage, 7.5x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.06311
G072409cotton cohesive bandage, 10x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.08515
G072410cotton cohesive bandage, 15x4.5m12rolls/box, 144 rolls/carton0.11622.5

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