Skin Wound Closure Tape

  • White or Skin color
  • Size: 3mm x 75mm, 6mm x 38mm,6mm x 75mm, 6mm x 100mm
  • Individually packed
  • SterilIized by EO
  • Shelf time: 3 years
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Skin Wound Closure Tape is a kind of wound healing strips that made of nonwoven material. It is used for reduce or avoid wound stitches, reduce wound infection rates, reduce patient pain. Enhance wound tensile strength, reduce scar formation, wound healing greatly improved aesthetic effect.



  • Strip shape
  • Protect wounds and fasten healing
  • Soft pad in center and easy to remove
  • Different sizes for different wounds



  • Individual packed by paper pouch
  • Box of 100 pcs, Ctn of 100 boxes
Item No.DescriptionPackaging
G074901wound closure strip, 3mm x 75mm (5strips/pcs)1pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 1000bags/ctn
G074902wound closure strip, 6mm x 38mm (6strips/pcs)1pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 1000bags/ctn
G074903wound closure strip, 6mm x 75mm (3strips/pcs)1pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 1000bags/ctn
G074904wound closure strip, 6mm x 100mm (5strips/pcs)2pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 500bags/ctn
G074905wound closure strip, 12mm x 50mm (3strips/pcs)2pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 500bags/ctn
G074906wound closure strip, 12mm x 100mm (3strips/pcs)2pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 500bags/ctn
G074907wound closure strip, 12mm x 125mm (3strips/pcs)2pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 500bags/ctn

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