Disposable Urethral Catheter Tray Kit

Disposable Urethral Catheter Tray Kit


  • Latex Foley Catheter—1pc
  • Catheter Clamp—-1pc
  • Plastic Forceps—-2pcs
  • PVPI Cotton Balls—-4pcs
  • Plastic Syringe with Prefilled Sterile Water—1pc
  • Drainage Bag—- 1pc
  • 12x75mm Plastic Test Tube—-1pc
  • Gauze Pads—2pcs Fenestrated Drape—1pc
  • Surgical Drape—1pc
  • Medical Latex Glove— 1pair
  • Lubricant—1pc
  • Kidney Basin—1pc
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Urethral Catheter Tray is a sterile, single-use catheterization kit that contains all the proper components to drainage the bladder through the urethra.
Urethral Trays should be supervised by a nurse or physician. All the components are sterile should be used in the correct order to keep the area sanitary and clean.
Doctor’s recommend using a Urethral Catheter Tray or kit is used to drain the bladder bedside when the patient is at risk for bladder infection.



  • This product is disposable and has been sterilized with ethylene oxide. Don鈥檛 use if package is damaged.
  • Use this set according to the routine catheterization procedure
  • Fill the balloon with sterile water
  • This product is restricted to be used by medical staff.
  • Protected from light. Kept in cool condition.
  • Contents of kits can be customized.



  • Individual Paper-plastic pack
  • Ctn of 40 Sets


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Latex Foley Catheter---1pc
Catheter Clamp----1pc
Plastic Forceps----2pcs
PVPI Cotton Balls----4pcs
Plastic Syringe with Prefilled Sterile Water---1pc
Drainage Bag----1pc
12x75mm Plastic Test Tube---1pc
Gauze Pads---2pcs
Fenestrated Drape---1pc
Surgical Drape---1pc
Medical Latex Glove---1pair
Kidney Basin---1pc

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