What is a pregnancy test ?

Pregnancy tests

What is a pregnancy test ?

If your menstrual period is late, there are different tests available to find out whether you are pregnant. But they are not absolutely reliable. Most tests can already determine whether a woman is pregnant eight to ten days after her period was due. They are usually done like rapid urine tests, using a urine sample in the morning after getting up. You can find exact instructions in the package insert. Pregnancy tests can be bought in pharmacies, drugstores, department stores and on the internet.

What can be checked with a pregnancy test ?

The urine of pregnant women contains a special hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced in the placenta.

What do the results tell us?

Many women who would like to find out whether they are pregnant will first do a pregnancy test. The results might be false if a woman does the test too soon, is taking medicine or drinks a lot of fluids before doing the test. Only a doctor can say for sure whether you are pregnant or not.

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