Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Corrugated

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Corrugated

  • Material: Medical grade EVA
  • Tube Type: Corrugated
  • Standard Connector: Pediatric 15mm, Adult 22mm
  • Length(m): 1.5m,  1.8m or custimzed
  • Non-sterile
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Corrugated are available for the entire range of patients who require anesthesia from neonatal, pediatric, adult and specialty procedures. The function of this breathing circuit is to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases, and eliminate carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide may be eliminated by either washout with adequate fresh gas flow (FGF), or by soda lime absorption.



  • Kinking resistant tube to avoid blocking
  • Match all kinds of anesthesia machine
  • Tubing is 100% leak inspected at production



Individual  middle-sealing pack.

A013301Breathing Circuit, Corrugated, Pediatric, 15mmx1.5m35pcs/ctn0.10413
A013302Breathing Circuit, Corrugated, Adult, 22mmx1.5m35pcs/ctn0.10413
A013303Breathing Circuit, Corrugated, Pediatric, 15mmx1.8m25pcs/ctn0.10414
A013304Breathing Circuit, Corrugated, Adult, 22mmx1.8m,25pcs/ctn0.10414

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