Yankauer Suction Handle

  • Medical grade K-resin material
  • Tip Type: Grown or Standard (Flat)
  • Control Vent: with or without
  • Sterile EO
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Yankauer Suction handle is a suction tool for removing particulates and viscous material. It is used together with the Suction Connection Tube, and it is intended for suctioning the body fluid in combination with aspirator during operation on thoracic cavity or abdominal cavity.



  • Bulb tip to minimize tissue trauma
  • Ribbed connector for secure attachment to suction tubing
  • Blue-tinted, transparent material with slip-resistant handle
  • Smooth inner surface for maximum flow
  • Vented and non-vented models
  • 100% Latex free



Individual聽聽paper-plastic pack, box of 200pcs

A013201Yankauer Handle, Round Crown tip, air vented, EO sterile0.0414.5
A013202Yankauer Handle, Round Crown tip, without vent, EO sterile0.0414.5
A013203Yankauer Handle, Standard Flat tip, air vented, EO sterile0.0414.5
A013204Yankauer Handle, Standard Flat tip, without vent, EO sterile0.0414.5

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