CPR Mask


  • Medical grade PVC
  • Size: Pediatric and Adult
  • Clear and transparent mask
  • Non-Sterile
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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The CPR Pocket Mask is designed to provide protection for rescuer when manually resuscitating patients, using with automatic ventilators and manual resuscitator.
When delivering rescue breaths during CPR, you want to protect yourself from mouth-to-mouth germs as much as possible. The CPR Pocket Mask provides a barrier between the rescuer and the patient, to prevent the transfer of saliva and other bodily fluids.



  • Made of clear, medical grade PVC
  • Seals completely to the face
  • One-way valve helps protect rescuer from exposure to infection and disease
  • Includes supplemental oxygen outlet and inlet
  • 100% Latex-free



Individual box & polybag


A010901CPR Mask(1): CPR Mask+Instruction Paper, individual packing in PE bag100pcs/ctn0.0516
A010902CPR Mask(2): CPR Mask+Instruction Paper, individual packing in hard PP box60pcs/ctn0.0517.5
A010903CPR Mask(3): CPR Mask+Instruction Paper +1pc Alcohol Pad+1pair glove, individual packing in hard PP box)60pcs/ctn0.0518.5
A010904CPR Mask Valve800pcs/ctn0.0519

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