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When To Use An Acne Patch ?

  When To Use An Acne Patch ?   The good news is that pretty much anyone can use an acne patch. “Who out there doesn’t get a blemish here and there,” asks dermatologist Elliot Weiss of Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. “Who doesn’t get stressed and break out?” But not all breakouts are created equal, so how effective an acne patch may be depends on a few factors. Acne patches tend to work best on pimples that have already [...]

How To Use An Acne Patch ?

How To Use An Acne Patch ?   Using an acne patch has a set-it-and-forget-it quality, but to really get the most out of using one, you should always apply it to a clean face. Wash your face first to remove all excess oil and dirt and if the pimple has just popped, whether by itself or with your help, “clean the area with something antibacterial like hydrogen peroxide before you put the patch on,” says Dr. Dhingra. This will make sure [...]

How Do Acne Patches Work ?

How Do Acne Patches Work ? Remember learning about osmosis in elementary school science class? It’s the idea that water is drawn to a place that has more particle density. “That’s the principle of these patches,” says dermatologist Morgan Rabach, MD of LM Medical. “The patch is filled with very dense material so it actually pulls water and moisture out of the skin so balance is restored.” In acne terms, this doesn’t just mean water. These patches attack acne by drawing out [...]

What Are Acne Patches ?

What Are Acne Patches ? It turns out the technology used in acne patches isn’t new. “They’re something called hydrocolloid dressings which we’ve used in dermatology and surgery for decades,” says dermatologist Nikhil Dhingra, MD, of Spring Street Dermatology. “Hydrocolloid is a unique material that’s able to absorb extra moisture without drying the skin.” The moisture-sucking ability has made hydrocolloid dressings essential in wound healing by not only absorbing excess moisture that could slow down the healing process, but also protecting the wound [...]