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Shortage of Hamilton tips is slowing COVID-19 testing

Hamilton 300ul Automation Filter Pipette Tips Labs across the country are facing shortages of pipette tips (such as Hamilton Tips), which are needed to quickly and precisely move liquid between vials during the COVID-19 testing process, The New York Times reported. Tecan, a Swiss company that supplies pipette tips for machines in hundreds of U.S. labs, has seen demand so high in recent months that it has had to use an emergency stash of supplies. It’s racing to install new production lines, and [...]

Viral Transport Medium (VTM) for COVID-19 diagnosis

A Viral Transport Medium (VTM) following the WHO and CDC recommendations with or without swab.   The success of the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) during the COVID-19 outbreak depends largely on the quality of the specimen and the conditions under which the specimen is transported and stored before being processed in the laboratory. Viral Transport Medium (VTM) allows the safe transfer of viruses, chlamydia and mycoplasma for further research, including conventional cell culture methods, diagnostic tests, and molecular biology techniques. Commercially prepared viral transport media [...]

VTM Virus Sampling Kit Technical Specification (BSA Free)

VTM Kit with Nasal or Oral swab BSA free formula, typically for US & Canada market, which provide ideal solution with animal free ingredients. Technical Spefications (BSA free) Product Item Parameter Sample storage solution Sample storage tube length 100 mm Sample storage tube diameter 16mm Sample storage tube length including lid 101mm Reagent main components Hanks, Protein stable ingredient, Amino acid, Bacterial fungal antibiotics Reagent volume 3.5ml Storage temperature 5℃-25℃ Valid time 12 months Package Size Each set:225x65mm Each box:225x225x75mm Each carton: 47 x 40 x 47cm Nasopharyngeal swab (Flocked) Length 149cm Head material nylon Header width 3mm Handheld materials ABS Break point from top 100mm±2mm Storage temperature 5℃-30℃ Sterilization method Cobalt 60 Rays Irradiation Valid time 3 years Oropharynx swab (Entangled) Length 150mm Head material nylon Header width 5.5mm Handheld [...]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you probably are aware of the current global pandemic knows as Covid-19. Currently, this virus is spreading at a quick rate worldwide. The virus is now in many countries around the world and many are putting into place self-isolation and quarantine procedures. This virus is especially dangerous for elderly people and individuals with prior respiratory conditions. In order to prevent the spread of the virus people are [...]