Oxygen Mask PVC Disposable


  • Medical grade PVC
  • Mask Size: Pediatric, Adult (S, M, L, XL)
  • Mask Color: Green or Transparent
  • Tubing Length: 7ft or 2m
  • Non-Sterile
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Oxygen聽Mask is compose by aerosol mask and oxygen tubing聽that covers the mouth and nose and is hooked up to an oxygen tank. It delivers oxygen directly to the patient.


  • Made of medical grade PVC.
  • Medium concentration. Adjustable nose clip.
  • Available with 7ft or 2m anti-crush tubing. Tubing length could be customized.
  • Two colors for choice:green and transparent.
  • DEHP free and 100% latex free available.



Individual PE pack, 100pcs/ctn


A010601Oxygen Mask, S (Pediatric), 5mmx2m, Green, Non-sterile0.0465.6
A010602Oxygen Mask, M (Pediatric Elongated), 5mmx2m, Green, Non-sterile0.0466.1
A010603Oxygen Mask, L (Adult), 5mmx2m, Green, Non-sterile0.0466.6
A010604Oxygen Mask, XL (Adult Elongated), 5mmx2m, Green, Non-sterile0.0467.1
A010605Oxygen Mask, S (Pediatric), 5mmx2m, Transparent, Non-sterile0.0465.6
A010606Oxygen Mask, M (Pediatric Elongated), 5mmx2m, Transparent, Non-sterile0.0466.1
A010607Oxygen Mask, L (Adult), 5mmx2m, Transparent, Non-sterile0.0466.6
A010608Oxygen Mask, XL (Adult Elongated), 5mmx2m, Transparent, Non-sterile0.0467.1

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