Antibacterial IV Dressing


  • Non-woven + PU film
  • Excellent breathability and permeability, antibacterial
  • Sterile, individual pack
  • Shelf time: 3 years
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The Antibacterial IV Dressing is with a silver spot island dressing in the center to reduce the central venous catheter related infection. It is used for various kinds of deep venipuncture (PICC and CVC, etc.)



  • Special antibacterial safety island design: long-acting and broad-spectrum antibacterial effect; excellent exudation and seepage absorption
  • Waterproof moisture-permeable film: reduce the occurrence of eczema, allergy and dermatitis; transparent for easy observation.
  • Closed fit pattern that is more secure
  • Long-lasting guarantee of aseptic condition.
Item No.DescriptionPackaging
G077001antibacterial iv dressing, 8cm x 10cm,聽 sterile50pcs/bag, 1500pcs/carton
G077002antibacterial iv dressing, 10cm x 12cm, sterile50pcs/bag, 1500pcs/carton

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