Silicone Gel Sheets for Scars

Silicone Gel Sheets for Scars


  • Material: Silicone Gel
  • Size:聽3cm x 12cm or customize
  • Individual box pack
  • Shelf time 3 years
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The Silicone Gel Scar Sheets is composed of silicone gel and PU film. It is used for prevention and treatment of post-burn scars and keloids, post-perative incisions or trauma scars.

It is a self-adhesive silicone gel sheet that is medically proven to be up to 90% effective in the improvement of red, dark or raised scars. It has been used by the medical profession to treat over millions people.



  • Prevent scars from proliferation effectively
  • Soften and smoothen the scars
  • Moisturizing and breathable
  • Self-adherent and reuseable
Item No.DescriptionPackaging
G077401transparent silicone scar sheet, 3cm x 12cm, thickness of 1.2mm1pcs/box, 150pcs/ctn
G077402transparent silicone scar sheet, 12cm x 15cm, thickness of 1.2mm1pcs/box, 45pcs/ctn
G077403transparent silicone scar sheet, 12cm x 18cm, thickness of 1.2mm1pcs/box, 35pcs/ctn

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