Cuvette for Rayto Coagulometer

  • PS material
  • For Rayto Coagulometer
  • Shelf time 5 years
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Cuvette is manufactured from imported high polymer PS material, match with Cuvette for Rayto Coagulometer.



  • High precision mould makes the cuvettes smooth, bright and clean
  • Glass-like clarity providing excellent light transmission for testing
  • Accurate size and structure makes the sample cup adapted to Rayto Coagulometer.
N143141Cuvette, match with German BE Full Automatic Coagulometerbx of 29, ctn of 31320.06118.1
N143142Cuvette, match with Beckman Coulter Coagulometer, PS materialbg of 1, ctn of 5000.06317.6
N143143Cuvette, match with Rayto Coagulometer, PS materialbg of 2000, ctn of 200000.06116

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