Emergency Aluminum Splint Roll

Emergency Aluminum Splint Roll


  • Width: 11cm
  • Length: 46cm, 91cm
  • Material: Aluminum + polymer
  • Color: Orange & Blue
  • Applications: Fracture fixed, dislocated fixed
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Aluminium Splint Roll is a good choice for military medics, athletic trainers, wilderness rescuers, outdoor adventurers, first responders, safety engineers, veterinarians, hospitals, ski patrols if any parts disjointed.



  • Strong fixation for disjointed legs or arms
  • Good in formation and can be used repeatedly
  • Outdoor emergency first aid fracture fixed splint.
  • Light-weight design: Portable for you to meet the need of emergency.
  • This splint has strong plasticity, it can be arbitrarily bent into various forms.
  • Has good X-ray perspective, convenient for getting medical help.
  • Waterproof and washable for long time use.


Item No.DescriptionPackaging
G075801aluminium splint roll, 11cm x 46cm50pcs/ctn
G075802aluminium splint roll, 11cm x 91cm25pcs/ctn

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