Adjustable Medical Foam Cervical Neck Collar

Adjustable Medical Foam Cervical Neck Collar



  • Size: S, M, L
  • Material: Foam + EVA composite
  • Structure: two pieces
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Medical Foam Cervical Neck Collar, also known as a neck brace, is two piece high density foam design, made of high quanlity foam & plastic. It can provide more powerful support and greater limitations for flexion, extension and rotation. The Cervical Collar can prevent the neck from performing unwanted motions that could cause further injury. The Velcro design makes it easy to use in the patient’s recovery. It is a medical device used to support a person’s neck. It is also used by emergency personnel for those who have had traumatic head or neck injuries, and can be used to treat chronic medical conditions.



  • Limit cervical activity
  • Throat opening for tracheotomy and care
  • Designed to fit the curvature of the neck, comfortable to wear
  • size can be adjusted easily.



  • Used for neck fixation during first aid.
  • For preoperative and postoperative stabilization of cervical spine.
  • For immobilization affection of cervical spine.


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