Latex Foley Catheter One way

  • Material: Natural latex
  • Type: 1 way, without balloon
  • Size: 6Fr, 8Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr, 26Fr
  • Standard Length: 400mm
  • Sterile EO
  • Shelf time: 3 years
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One way Latex Foley Catheters, also referred to simply as indwelling catheters, are meant for those who require continuous catheterization. A Foley catheter is used in almost all cases whenever an indwelling catheter is required.
These one way Foley catheters have a single-lumen design and are known as Single-lumen Foley catheters.



  • Made of natural latex, 100% silicone coated
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Silicone coated surface reducing allergic reaction.
  • Smooth tapered tip facilitating introducing.
  • EO gas sterile, for single use only



Individual  blister pack, box of 10, ctn of 500pcs


B020101Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 8FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020102Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 10FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020103Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 12FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020104Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 14FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020105Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 16FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020106Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 18FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020107Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 20FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020108Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 22FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020109Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 24FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020110Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 24FR, EO sterile0.09313
B020111Foley Catheter, Latex, 1-way, 26FR, EO sterile0.09313

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