Marijuana THC Drug Test Card

  • Format: Cassette
  • Specimen: Urine
  • Size: 3.0mm, 4.0mm
  • Accuracy: over 99.6%
  • Results read in 5 minutes
  • Methodology: Colloidal gold
  • Shelf time: 2 years
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Marijuana THC Drug Test Card allows you to learn the test subject’s recent drug history through a very simple procedure. To perform the test, at any time of the day collect a urine specimen in a clean and dry container. Dip the drug test card into the urine specimen and after 5 minutes you will be able to check if the result is positive or negative (please follow the detailed directions that come with your test or those in the “Instructions” tab before you perform the test).

The results of your test are very easy to read. If the result is negative for marijuana, two lines will appear, one in the Control Region of the test card and one in the Test Region. If positive for marijuana, no line will appear in the Test Region of the marijuana drug test, but a line will appear in the Control Region of the drug test to show that the test was conducted successfully. A positive result from your marijuana urine test is called a “non-negative” result and means that the drug concentration in the urine sample is greater than the designated cut-off/detection level for marijuana.



  • Easy to use
  • Result in 5 minutes
  • Visually interpreted
  • High accuracy over 99.6%



Box of 25T, Ctn of 1000T

InitialsFull NamesSensitivity (ng/ml)
AMPAmphetamine Test1000ng/ml
BARBarbiturates Test300ng/ml
BUPBuprenorphine Test10ng/ml
BZOBenzodiazepines Test300ng/ml
COCCocaine Test300ng/ml
COTCotinine Test200ng/ml
KETKetamine Test1000ng/ml
METMethamphetamine Test1000ng/ml
MDMAMethylene dioxy metham-phetamine test500ng/ml
MOPMorphine Test300ng/ml
MTDMethadone Test300ng/ml
OPIOpiate Test2000ng/ml
OXYOxycodone Test100ng//ml
PCPPhencyclidine Test25ng/ml
TCATricyclic Antidepressants test1000ng/ml
THCMarijuana Test50ng/ml
multi-drug (2-8) test kitvariable
DOA (6-12) test urine cupvariable
L111803THC test cassette 3.0mm for urine, 50ng/ml0.0699
L111804THC test cassette 4.0mm for urine, 50ng/ml0.0699

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