Reagent Reservoir 50ml

  • Material: Autoclavable PP
  • Sizes: 50ml
  • V bottom
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Reagent Reservoir, made from autoclavable PP material, white color, designed for use with multi-channel pipettes.



  • Autoclavable PP material, with wide Base provides rigidity and stability
  • Through within a trough allows to pipette two volumes of 5ml and 32ml liquid
  • V bottom maximizes the amount of liquid accessible to pipette tips
  • Pour-off spouts on all corners are easy to pore and avoid spills



N1407001Reagent Reservoir, PP, white, 50ml, bulk pack, non-sterilectn of 8000.08510
N1407002Reagent Reservoir, PP, white, 50ml, individual polybag wrapped, sterile EOctn of 5000.088

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