Surgical Face Mask Disposable 3ply ear loop

Surgical Face Mask Disposable 3ply ear loop

  • Standard:聽YY 0469-2011
  • Type: ear -loop 3ply
  • Size:聽17.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Material: PP nonwoven + Meltblown
  • BFE>98%
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Application: surgery & medical personnels
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Disposable Surgical Face Mask聽is made from non-woven fabric material,聽聽used by professional surgeons and dentists. It widely used in hazardous situations such as hospital, dental practices, etc. Offering superior levels of protection choose from a wide selection of face masks and face protection.


Product Features:

  1. Conform to YY 0469-2011 & CE
  2. Unique surface water resistance and soft lining.
  3. Adjustable nose piece for easy use.
  4. Glass fiber free and latex free.
  5. Breathing Resistance (Delta P)<5.0.
  6. Fluid resistant layer with unique single pleated design to prevent fluid pooling.
  7. Distinguished with appearance: sewing edge; folded edge; auto edge.
  8. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >98% ,Particle Filtration Efficiency(PFE)>98%.
  9. Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood-160mmHg.



Box of 50 pcs, Carton of 2000pcs

Carton size: 55 x 42 x 38cm

G.W.: 8.5 KGS


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