CPR Life Key


  • Material: Nylon bag + PVC mask
  • Mask Size: 27.5x20cm or customized
  • One-way face mask
  • Non-Sterile
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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The CPR Life Key, also known as the CPR face shield is a one way barrier that allows a first responder to breath air into the patients lungs without allowing any bodily fluids to be transferred back to the first responder. CPR masks come in a few different stylers and they range from the very basic face shield that is a piece of clear plastic with a mouth piece in it that looks like a straw. To the full rescue breather that is a large moulded mouth piece that fits in the mouth.



  • A ventilation tube with 1-way valve helps prevent directly contacting during rescuer and victim.
  • Compacted in shape, can be placed into any first aid kit and carried easily.
  • Packed in a Keychain bag.
  • The Face mask with Elastic earhook
  • 100% Latex-free mask



Bag of 100pcs.


A011001CPR Keychain (1): PP belt bag+one-way face mask, non-sterile1000pcs/ctn0.06714
A011002CPR Keychain (2): Nylon bag+one-way face mask+ 1pair glove, non-sterile 500pcs/ctn0.05515

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