Disposable ESU Pencil Needle Electrode

Disposable ESU Pencil Needle Electrode


  • Material: SS 304
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all ESU pencils.
  • Pin Diameter: 2.36mm
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ESU Pencil Needle Electrode are favored over surface electrodes because they can enter the individual motor units straightaway and evaluate the coming action potentials more precisely. The most widely employed needle electrode is the concentric ring needle with a monopolar single electrode. It’s used for precise cutting and coagulation in gynecology and plastic surgery.



  • standard size to connect to the ESU pencil.
  • Highly polished, non adhesive.
  • Non-Stick Coating Available: prevent carbonized tissue sticking on the electrode
  • Active Shrinking Insulation Available: designed for precise cutting, avoid unwanted harm to non-target tissue
  • Integrated one-piece design: whole electrode body made of single material (stainless)
  • IEC60601-1 passed
  • Biocompatibility test passed
  • Hexagonal Design: prevent electrode from turning or falling During operation



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