Low Retention Racked Filter Pipette Tips 20ul

Low Retention Racked Filter Pipette Tips 20ul


  • Medical grade PP
  • Color:聽Clear
  • Volume: 20ul
  • Pre-sterilized; autoclavable; racked
  • RNase, DNase, and endotoxin free
  • Low Retention
  • Fits: Universal/Gilson/Eppendorf and other Pipet
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HENSO Low Retention Racked Filter Pipette Tips 20ul are produced using the most advanced cleanroom techniques to ensure consistently high quality. The tips are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner using only high-purity polypropylene, free from oleamide and diHEMDA – additives which can interfere with biological tests. Filter tips have a non-self-sealing PE filter that is free from chemical additives and allows easy uncontaminated sample recovery if the filter is wetted. Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length, so that no aerosols can reach the pipette shaft. They are compatible with Gilson, Eppendorf, Finland and various common pipettes.



  • 100% virgin PP, high clarity
  • with molded graduation聽mark
  • High precision mold, low retention
  • Universal fit with most of pipettors
  • Clean room production, non-pyrogenic,DNase/RNase free


Technical Advantages:

  • Mirror surfaces
  • Medical grade PP
  • 100,000 GMP level workshops
  • No DNA/RNA/DNSE/RNASE and enzyme pollution
  • No oil stains and black spots
  • Tips Concentricity within 1.5MM, no defects
  • Burr diameter controlled within 0.05MM


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