Filter Pipette Tips Pre-sterilized

Filter Pipette Tips Pre-sterilized


  • Volume: 10ul, 20ul, 200ul, 300ul, 1000ul, 1250ul and 5ml
  • Pre-sterilized or non-sterile
  • Autoclavable, racked or bulk packing
  • Available with RNase, DNase, and endotoxin free
  • Low Retention
  • Fits: Universal/Gilson/Eppendorf and other Pipet
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Henso Filter Pipette Tips provide assured accuracy and precision since they are considerably more hydrophobic than standard pipette tips. Volume available in 10ul, 20ul, 200ul, 300ul, 1000ul, 1250ul and 5ml, varieties in racked, reloads, and bulk packaging. Henso filter tips which are being extensively used for Covid-19 testing are available in stock.



  • Carefully inspect of raw material and manufactured under strict process check, all tips are with excellent accuracy and precison.
  • Special siliconizing on the inner surface ensure no liquid adhesion and accurate sample transfer.
  • Standard tips and filter tips can be autoclaved, high temperature sterilization acceptable.
  • Racked tips can be supplied Pre-sterilized by irradiation
  • All colored tips is heavy metal free dyes.
Henso Filter Pipette Tips (1)

Henso Filter Pipette Tips (1)

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