Racked Gilson Filter Pipet Tips 1000ul

Racked Gilson Filter Pipet Tips 1000ul


  • Volume: 1000ul
  • Pre-sterilized or non-sterile
  • Autoclavable, racked or bulk packing
  • Available with RNase, DNase, and endotoxin free
  • Low Retention
    Fits: Gilson/Universal Pipettes
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Henso Racked Filter Pipet Tips for Gilson PIPETMAN are made with the highest grade, 100% pure virgin polypropylene, an inert plastic characterized by low retention and naturally hydrophobic properties.

High-density polyethylene filter blocks small particles down to 1碌m from entering your pipette, providing an effective barrier against aerosol contamination.



  • Optimized geometry and pure polypropylene material ensure low retention and naturally hydrophobic surface
  • Requires low tip-mounting force
  • Robust and designed to withstand autoclaving
  • Sterility assurance level SAL 10-6 guaranteed, using gamma irradiation
  • Available in sterilized or autoclavable packages
  • Manufactured in a clean room and hence no risk of contamination
  • Full traceability from the mold to the bench guaranteed
  • Easy identification with color-coded packaging to meet GLP requirements

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