Colored Twist top Blood Lancets Sterile

  • Size: 21G, 23G, 26G, 28G, 30G
  • Tri-bevel tip minimize pain
  • Fit most lancing devices
  • Sterile R
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Twist top Blood Lancet consist of steel needle, plastic handle and cover, a tri-bevel tip dramatically reduces trauma when skin is punctured, unique design fit almost all lancing devices. It is use for blood sampling, diagnostic tests and diabetics.



  • Fits Most Commonly used Lancing Devices
  • Tri-Bevel tip minimize skin trauma and discomfort
  • Gamma sterilized for a long shelf time



100pcs or 200pcs/box, 20,000pcs/carton

REF.Descriptionctn size (cm)CBM/ctnKGS/ctn
E052001Lancet 21G, twist top, Sterile R47.5x34x330.05414
E052002Lancet 23G, twist top, Sterile R47.5x34x330.05414
E052003Twist Blood Lancet 26G, Sterile R47.5x34x330.05414
E052004Twist Blood Lancet 28G, Sterile R47.5x34x330.05414
E052005Twist Blood Lancet 30G, Sterile R47.5x34x330.05414

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