Multi sample Blood Collection Needle

Multi sample Blood Collection Needle

  • Needle Gauge:  18G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G
  • Needle Length: 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″
  • Sterile EO
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Multi sample Blood Collection Needle is made of stainless steel and plastic luer adapter, needle point is tri-bevel cut which minimize the pain while puncture into vein, it is use together with vacuum blood collection tube for blood collecting, sampling and tests in clinic and hospitals.



  • Tri-bevel needle point, good sharpness
  • Well siliconized needle tubing surface ensure smooth puncture
  • Color coded protective cover for easy classify of needle size
  • Sterile by EO gas


100pcs/box, 5,000pcs/carton

REF.Descriptionctn size (cm)CBM/ctnKGS/ctn
E051301Multi-sample Needle 18G Pink, sterile EO43.8x28x400.0514.5
E051302Multi-sample Needle 20G Black, sterile EO43.8x28x400.0511.5
E051303Multi-sample Needle 21G Green, sterile EO43.8x28x400.0511.5
E051304Multi-sample Needle 22G Yellow, sterile EO43.8x28x400.0511.5
E051305Multi-sample Needle 23G Blue, sterile EO43.8x28x400.0512

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