Elastic Crepe Bandage with Red or Blue Thread Line

Elastic Crepe Bandage with Red or Blue Thread Line


  • Length(stretched): 4m, 4.5m, 5m
  • Width: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm
  • Color: natural color
  • Material: 100% cotton or cotton combined with spandex
  • Weight g/m虏: 75g, 80g, etc.
  • Thread lines: blue or red
  • Clips: with or without clips, one or two metal or elastic band clips
  • Basic Packing: individually packed in cellophane
  • Shelf time: 5 years
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Crepe Bandage with red or blue thread lines is made of cotton or cotton combined with spandex material. It is used for聽a firm support of聽 sprains or strains in knee, ankle, elbow and foot.聽Splint fixation and fixed joint protection.聽It provides light compression, apply to avoid cutting circulation.



  • Light weight
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Help correct fractures and other bone problems in orthopedics
  • With 2 lines for easy observation.
  • Allow for easy movement of limbs
  • Never directly apply to wounds
Item No.DescriptionPackagingCBM/ctnKGS/ctn
G072505crepe bandage,100%cotton,75g,5x4.5m, with blue or red line720rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072506crepe bandage,100%cotton, 75g,7.5x4.5m, with blue or red line480rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072507crepe bandage,100%cotton,75g,10x4.5m, with blue or red line360rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072508crepe bandage,100%cotton, 75g,15x4.5m, with blue or red line240rolls/ctn0.09614.5kg
G072513crepe bandage,natural color, 80% cotton+20% spandex,75g,5x4.5m, with blue or red line720rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072514crepe bandage,natural color,80% cotton+20% spandex,7.5x4.5m,with blue or red line480rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072515crepe bandage,natural color,80% cotton+20% spandex,10x4.5m,with blue or red line360rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg
G072516crepe bandage,natural color,80% cotton+20% spandex,15x4.5m,with blue or red line240rolls/ctn0.08113.5kg

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