Soft PBT Conforming Bandage


  • Width: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm
  • Length (Strenched): 4m,4.5m, 5m
  • Color:聽White or Skin
  • Shelf Time:聽5 years
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PBT Conforming bandages is a lightweight bandage with a high level of stretch. The bandages are designed to conform to the body, in turn allowing for freedom of movement. The bandages are lightweight, breathable and fray resistant, used together with cast padding.



  • Lightweight, breathable and fray resistant
  • Excellent elastic characteristic, soft texture
  • Durable elasticity and stable externals.



Individually packed in cellophane

Item No.DescriptionPackagingCBM/ctnKGS/ctn
G072701PBT bandage, 5x4.5m,28g720rolls/ctn0.0625.9
G072702PBT bandage, 7.5x4.5m,28g480rolls/ctn0.0625.9
G072703PBT bandage, 10x4.5m,28g360rolls/ctn0.0625.9
G072704PBT bandage, 15x4.5m,28g240rolls/ctn0.0625.9

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