Orthopaedic Plaster of Paris POP Bandage

Orthopaedic Plaster of Paris POP Bandage

  • Width: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm
  • Length: 2.7m, 3m
  • Shelf Time: 5 years
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Plaster of Paris POP Bandage is used to make casts for immobilization following fractures. They are also used following surgery and orthopaedic corrections treating joint and bone conditions, thus aiding the healing process.



  • Fast setting time(2-5minutes) and excellent moulding
  • Reliable casting,smooth and neat outlook. less loss of plaster



  • Individually packed in polybag
  • Ziplock bag as inner pack
Item No.DescriptionPackagingCBM/ctnKGS/ctn
G072901pop bandage, 5x2.7m, 420gsm240rolls/ctn0.04515kg
G072902pop bandage, 7.5x2.7m, 420gsm240rolls/ctn0.06421kg
G072903pop bandage, 10x2.7m, 420gsm120rolls/ctn0.04415kg
G072904pop bandage, 15x2.7m, 420gsm120rolls/ctn0.0621kg
G072905pop bandage, 20x2.7m, 420gsm60rolls/ctn0.041

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